How do I prepare and use the Surya Henna Cream?

Step 1 - Shampoo your hair: Before application, hair must be clean and free of oil, gel, hair spray or cream.
For best results we recommend that you was your hair with Surya Henna Neutral Shampoo before applying the product.

Step 2 - Towel-dry hair until damp.

Step 3 - Put on the plastic glove (optional) and apply Surya Henna Cream to your hair.
If you prefer you can use a hair coloring brush but we do not recommend combing through the hair
as a comb may distribute excessive henna cream to the ends of the hair.

Is your product entirely made from Henna?

No. Even though our product contains henna, and is marketed as such, it also contains natural oils, herbs and fruits from India and the Brazilian Amazon and gentle dyes.

What are the major benefits of using Surya Brasil Henna instead of more conventional brands?

Surya Henna Cream is a new concept of hair coloring and treatment; it won't harm your hair or your health. Our formula mainly consists of herbs and fruits from India and the Amazonian rainforest.
In addition, our cream does not contain ammonia, PPD, peroxide, parabens, resorcinol, heavy metals or GMO's.

Can Surya Brasil Henna Cream be used effectively on chemically treated hair? Why?

Yes, hair that has undergone any type of chemical treatment can be helped with the use of Surya Henna. By coating the shaft with a protective film, Surya Henna protects the hair strand. The complimentary plants used in our formula work to reverse the damage caused by conventional coloring.

Does Surya Brasil Henna Cream fully cover gray hair? White hair?

Yes, Surya Henna covers gray in one application. If you are more than 40% gray or white we recommend Henna Cream for best results.

For how long should I keep the Henna Cream in my hair?

The time recommended depends on your desired result. To make sure, please look at the "color chart" inside of your henna cream box for suggested hold times. Hold time will vary due to the condition and texture of the hair. It is recommended to "check the color" part-way through the process to establish the ideal hold time for your desired result.

Is Surya Henna Cream a permanent hair coloring product?

No, Surya Henna Cream is a semi-permanent hair coloring product where the color dissipates after 7 to 10 washes but this will vary due to hair type and condition.
Usually, the color hold will last longer with regular use.

What is the difference between Surya Brasil Henna Powder and Surya Brasil Henna Cream?

Our Henna powder* comes in 8 different shades, plus 2 hair treatments, lasting up to 20-30 washes while our Henna Cream comes pre-mixed
in 15 different shades, lasting up to 7-10 washes.
*Surya Brasil Henna Powder is not pre-mixed.

How do I know which color is best for me?

As you are unable to "go lighter" your options are to either choose something of similar tone or "go darker". Our color chart on the Henna Cream packaging will give you an idea on which colors may be achieved by using a certain color.

What happens if I purchase a Henna Cream color that is too light for my natural hair pigments?

Nothing should happen as your hair was too dark for the color you purchased. On occasion, your grays may turn golden or reddish.

Can I use this product on a previously dyed, permed or bleached hair?

Yes, our henna products are safe to use on all of these processes but we do recommend performing a strand test prior to applying the cream on the entire hair.
Previous process to the hair often affects the condition of the strand causing more rapid color uptake, which could result in a more intense coloration.
Please use plastic wrap versus foil when you perform your strand test.
You can view a demonstration on our youtube.com channel to see the result of henna cream on highlighted hair.
If there is an error in the color result, another Surya Henna Cream or Surya Henna Cream can be applied immediately.

What is a strand test?

A strand test is where a person removes one or more strands from her/his own hair and applies the henna cream/powder to determine if
previous hair color/perm/bleaching could affect the desirable color.
You can also conduct a strand test by selecting a lock from a less visible area of the head to test prior to application to the entire hair.

Will my hair bleed after coloring it with Henna Cream?

Yes, some occasional bleeding may occur when coloring your hair with Henna Cream.

How can I find out if I am allergic to Surya Brasil Henna Cream?

As our formula is mainly derived from natural ingredients catching an allergic reaction is unlikely but not impossible. Our suggestion is to conduct a sensitivity test 24 hours prior to using our product to determine if it causes any skin irritation. This is especially recommended for those with a history of allergy concerns.

What is a sensitivity test?

A sensitivity test is when you prepare a small amount of product, as if you were using it. Apply a small amount on the forearm or behind the ear. Wait for 24 hours to see if there is any skin irritation, itching or burning on the spot itself or around it.

Can I go lighter than my natural hair color with Surya Henna Cream?

No, as our formula does not contain any chemicals with bleaching effects you are unable to go lighter than your natural hair color.

Can I color my hair darker than my natural hair color?

Yes, you can take your shade to a darker shade or if you have dark hair you can add a highlight to enhance the complexity of your shade.

Can I recolor my hair right after already coloring it once?

Yes. Unlike conventional dyes Henna Cream can be used many times without worrying about pausing after a chemical dye or bleaching.